Inspiration from music, books, and poetry (Inspiring Shorts #1)

We're happy to introduce a new experiment -- "Inspiring Shorts" -- where we share good vibes from inspiring books we’re reading, poems we’ve written, music we’re listening to, or other sources of inspiration. We hope that we pass some of the good energy on to you.

5 ways to use intuition to find your unique career path

In this installment on finding and creating your unique career path, we introduce five practices that can help cultivate an intuition of how to find our way.

Finding your unique career path, inspired by poems

It can be tempting to think we need a plan, outline, or strategy for everything. But do we? These poems and reflections aim to jar a few screws loose from the best-fashioned plans.

Benefits of camping with children and avoiding screen time

Reluctant visitor on a lake Anxiety of a digital age nags – learn a new fact, do something, be productive, keep up! – but out here the way is to throw away, let go, and smile only at the shore that beckons with its sudden glimmer of lights.

On wisdom from old words and joy (two original poems)

I searched for jewels of joy I combed my mental beach for years looking for rare shells. One day, while looking for the witch variety with dark and fiery whorls, I found another – of grooves in the pocket and designs of drumming when I was seven years old, basking in Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones. Where are your shells?

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