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6 ways to test new career paths

How can you test out a new career path that will lead you to more meaning and fulfillment at work? Here we explore six ways to test out new career paths.


Advice on living a full life from a ninety year-old climber, Patrick

  A few days ago, while hiking the foothills of Mount Tamalpais – a mountain that rises to 2,571 feet and has so many canyons and vistas that it seems like the trunk of a massive rain forest tree with buttress roots that the wind and rain have dulled and flattened over centuries – I met a 90-year old man I’ll call Patrick, from Lagunitas, CA, who was hiking up the Dipsea Trail.  He was about six-foot two and was walking with a consistent rhythm – quarter notes, about eighty beats per minute – and breathing calmly, both achievements since we were already fifteen flights of steps above the town.  He told me he planned to hike to the summit and back.  He had alert and warm eyes that welcomed my presence even as he kept to the hike before him.  Silvery hair curled and spilled out from under a dark baseball cap, and the clear tube of a hearing aid wrapped over one helix and into the ear.  He wore the outfit of a serious day hiker – black …