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"For women figuring out men, and men figuring out ourselves." XY Culture. Image by Matt Hebermehl

Figure out men at XY Culture

Welcome to XY Culture! We write “for women figuring out men, and for men figuring out ourselves.”

We share stories, insights, and tools to help with self-understanding, self-actualization, and healing and strengthening relationships and families.

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Welcome to XY Culture, a new blog!

We need more positive stories about people making change in their lives.  We need to hear about practical ideas for dealing with the ups and downs in our lives as parents, partners, spouses, employees, or leaders. XY Culture aims to spark a much-needed discussion on a range of topics, including emotional awareness, meditation, parenting, compromise and negotiation, finding your career path, and handling life’s milestones.  We’ll have running themes like interviews with Inspiring Dads.  Occasionally we’ll get involved in public health and policy, on topics like childhood immunization, genetically modified food, and family leave. What else can you expect?  Short articles about once a week.  A focus on science (when data exist!), clarity of thought, and giving voice to a range of opinions. The name?  XY Culture is a riff on Gen X, Gen Y (Millenials); on the XY chromosome, for we need to redefine manhood; and on the possibility of creatively solving for what our culture most needs to land on the positive side of change. Thank you for reading.  Please add us on Twitter …